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This year has been about soul searching and at the end of every new activity, I find myself turning back to Chinese Medicine. There’s comfort in that, knowing that maybe I am on the right track. Truthfully, considering the nature of certain industries, Chinese medicine or holistic healthcare is one of the most honest. There’s so much corruption that takes away,… say, from the beauty of art. I see myself as an artist and won’t stop exploring it, though my convictions lie in a place where my integrity is not questioned, and there’s center in that because compromise is not really something I’m interested in.

I think interests are worth pursuing to see if something really is fit for you or if you want to fit something into your life. As we are all of different paths, our responsibility is to discover our own truth, our direction that aligns mind, body, and spirit. It’s tough as there is SO MUCH out there, so it seems the challenge is weeding out the bullshit and finding the gem.

Happy Thursday Everybody. =)

I’m about to write about this acupuncture appointment. It is one that has created a paradigm shift which means my neck is a little looser and not so wound. I am humbly acknowledging the blow to my ego.

All which have shown me why I am here, lessons I need to learn, perceptions I have based on my social and cultural conditioning. I apologize.

Who knew that acupuncture school would be a deprogramming, reprogramming, quick start booster to yo life!


Looking back, its as if some mystical magic force was telling me to get a treatment today. I have been thinking way too much.

Life has been really interesting lately, and it is apparent now, how excitement and struggle is a state of the mind, mindset.

Life is a beautiful struggle because you find beauty out of the struggle. Your new found wisdom is the reward.


So the diagnosis was a choppy right pulse and a wiry left post. Red tongue, thin yellow furr, and comments about my skin and Shen not looking so healthy.

My skin has been my number one indicator. I know whats best for it, but the discipline has not been there. I am so ready to recode that word or “that act of partaking” into something positive.

Dr. R told me “You have to change your attitude about life.”

And those words stuck especially coming from him.

In his inquiry he was very direct, and though I described it as rude, I realize that he has shown compassion with a dose of reality my way.

In a group observation, he asked the questions, and administered the most transforming treatment thus far. Because the truth is, acupuncture is able to help heal emotional wounds.

Truthfully right in this moment, I feel renewed.


For the past year and a half I’ve been attending American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The best thing about it is getting more in touch with my roots. It’s just so awesome to learn about the medicine, art, and training. It’s so fascinating to learn why Chinese Doctors in China were also very skilled martial artists, artists in calligraphy, Scholars, and deeply deeply spiritual people.

Calligraphy teaches attention to detail within the overall picture. There is wrist control and delicate embrace.

Martial Arts teaches awareness of physical body, mental discipline, and the grace of movement.

I just love how the medicine really branches out into different sectors, though unfortunately, many of these have been de-emphasized in modern Chinese Medicine Study programs.


Dr. R needled my left thumb in an unusual way. It felt as if the needles where going a different route, it was painful, but a pain I knew was good for me. The depth and positioning of the needling felt like a reprogramming of some sorts because at that moment, I began to weep. He asked me if it hurt, and I muttered “no” but began to cry more.

After 15 minutes, one of the students observing came back in to turn the needles which was interesting because I have just been learning about different ways to stimulate the points if conditions are in excess or deficient.

She helped me release more, and told me crying would get the qi to move more.

In retrospect, I’m unsure why this is, but interaction with other Chinese people and asian americans have created so many breakthroughs this year. It’s like the experiences are reflecting back to me how I perceive situations through these cultural, societal, and gender roles I play and how understanding them can help me release them.

My introspection gets the best of me. Dr. R says I think too much, which is true, but the student who came in remedied the comment by saying we are women. So is it a gender thing? Possibly. Maybe the levels of conscious thinking is analogous to women only having babies. Oh yes, I would give a day to experience not thinking so much, and being the same every day. But just one, because I welcome the challenge. To say women are more emotional,…might be a stereotype?

If women are more right brained and men are more left brain, then I would  hypothesize that eons ago, the use of our respectable systems were predicated upon the environments that women and men inhabited.

Environment calls for adaptation and because our physical body environment differs, it interacts with the environment differently. This can extend from a biological to aesthetic adaption. And even though, we may be men inside woman or women inside man, and exist in other cultural narratives, our similarities  share an ideological commonality-the Silverling.

I learned not to be bitter, but understand because we can’t blame anyone for who we or they are. Truthfully there are things I kind of resent about Chinese culture. And I know I shouldn’t have that attitude, but just understand and embrace it and be thankful.

This lesson applies to my life as well. Embrace all that is and have gratitude.




Get outside of yourself and focus on how you can address your client’s needs while clearly communicating the movement.


Nowadays, with proliferating images of super fit, toned, ripped bodies on magazines, ads, commercials, gym products, etc, the appealing aesthetic is enough to get anyone motivated to start moving. However, it is essential to address beyond the visual and pay attention to the health benefits of fitness itself.

Lowered blood pressure, better heart health, increased levels of endorphins, mind body awareness, etc.


We need to start from the ground up, laying a fundamental foundation, a preliminary outline that will provide a steady structural framework to build upon. With that being said, it is really important to really observe your client’s abilities and deficiencies such as range of movement, muscular imbalances, flexibility, coordination, balance, and ability to engage the deeper smaller muscles.


Does your client have tightness in certain areas like their lower back, shoulders, and neck? Are their shoulders anteriorly rotated? These are common areas of concern for many people as we sit excessively. This can cause a shortening of the psoas, tight levator scapulae, trapezius, and weak rhomboids, abs, and glutes. If so, focus on working agonist/antagonist muscles to help counteract imbalances. Be mindful of which muscles you choose to train.


I’m all for body sculpting, but I have noticed that certain favored aesthetics may be counter productive to functionality. Overworked and over developed muscles can also lead to imbalance, and may cause simple postural alignment such as putting palms by one’s sides difficult or raising arms above the head in isolation challenging. Moreover, massive bulging muscles which require constant concentric movement can  lead to stagnation, limiting fluid free range movement. What’s the point in training the body if it will inhibit the body’s ability to reach it’s utmost potential? The idea is to get the qi moving through your core all the way to the limbs, not creating restrictive  muscular tissue that prevents the flow.

Weights often give that pump feeling and actually stimulate the “pumped” look. There is nothing wrong with it, but I believe it would be wise to incorporate functional body weight training. If one can move their 100-200 pounds efficiently through life, lifting a 10 pound box will be easy.


Muscular tightness, one’s skeletal structure, and underdeveloped muscles can all contribute to imbalance. I would not suggest building upon or using weight to develop certain muscles if the muscles aren’t activating properly. So before putting on weight to one’s squat game for example, see if they can actually squat with their knees not passing their ankles, or at least close to it. Truthfully, the squat in itself is challenging. If the knees are going over the ankles, then their glutes are not getting activated to its fullest potential, and other leg muscles are overcompensating as a result. If the squat is too difficult, then resort to an even simpler exercise that will teach one how to activate their glutes. The “butt lockout” is really common so in order to get the most from weighted glute exercises, one absolutely must learn how to engage first.


A few things to consider when planning a program: Look at your client’s posture, test their balance, identify underdeveloped muscles and asymmetry, focus on corrective exercise and range of motion, then coordination. Incorporate functional body weight movement. Emphasize proper execution and breathing. I truly believe if one harnesses these abilities, utilizing weights to sculpt and develop muscles will be much more successful in its integration.


Training the body should be used to help one move more efficiently through life with ease, peace, and relaxation. Constant pain and soreness is unnecessary. We want our clients to feel strong, engaged, empowered, sharp with an adrenaline endorphin kick. There is such a thing as doing too much and unfortunately the fitness industry sells this idea that we need to do x,y, z for this perfect sculpted rippled body and optimum health. Let’s look past the superficial, the superficial muscles, and get down to the core because that is where the power is really at.

Of course, everyone will have different goals when it comes to their fitness, though I think it is imperative to train others that will promote longevity and sustainability. As fitness educators, we have the ability to plant that seed that will spur a catalyst of change. There really are no quick fixes to improving one’s health and fitness. It take discipline, dedication, and determination. And as personal trainers, we need be walking the talk.


Beyond the surface laid Discipline, Dedication, and Determination.

Being High & not with Cannabis

About a week ago, I felt as if I was in the state of being high without cannabis. It felt like the real deal, and considering I used to medicate very often daily, it was so strange yet a revelation.

I don’t need cannabis to be high. All you need is love.

And since that day when I experienced this phenomena, I haven’t been medicating. I don’t feel like I need it, and I feel good about that. There has been a desire to get back to a harmonious balanced mental, physical, and emotional state without anything extraneous from exercise, good nutrition, and proper sleep, the fundamental foundations of health.

And love is definitely part of that picture too. It is necessary to open yourself up to love, and spread love, to feel love. I know at times this can be difficult if life seems to not be going so well,…there are many things out there that disturb the inner peace, contributing to the frenetic-ism we see in society.

It is a serious challenge to confront and be aware of those energies, and not numb your mind to them, but to embrace it and navigate the world according to your higher self & moral code. Actions do make a difference as it reflects our collective consciousness which shapes our world.

The other Side

This is about my relationship with cannabis. It is true, it brings out a different side to my character. It has helped me understand more of who I am and has made me more aware of my consciousness.

Since I moved to the bay, I haven’t been medicating 6 times a day like I used to. LOL. But I will be the first to admit, I am still a pothead. I will always advocate it, even though I don’t regularly use it. I came to a point in my life where I don’t need or want it as much, but at this moment, I am convinced that it will be a part of my life for a long long time.

I’d like to think I have adopted the mind frame and certain character traits of being high in my “normal” day to day life. In comparison to before, I have a more positive outlook on life, am more patient, and don’t get riled up on bullshit. I am stronger in my positive nature when negativity shows up. In ways, the 3 year journey of being constantly and intensely high has been a transformational experience cultivating the focus and drive I have now.

“Sabrina Sativa” is a name I coined because of my involvement in the cannabis industry. I was a budtender, worked for an edibles company, co- founded a vegan cupcake edible company, and was pretty integrated in a 420 friendly network when in LA.

I was known as the girl with weed, anything and everything related to it. LOL.

My life has definitely gone in a new direction, but I still love that og kush. It really enhances my creativity and the right side of my brain. It is the reason why I started my health and fitness website www.activelifeaddicts.com, the inspiration behind wanting to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine, the driving force to spread light and positivity to others. Furthermore, it has helped me be me, feel free to be me, and find happiness in who I am. Even in my fitness journey, profession, and performance, it has enhanced my creativity.

So I have a strong tie with cannabis. I see it as a gift that can unlock a side of our brains tapping into our potential.

Death Rocket

I just had a gnarley joint; shared it with two of my roomates. Super smooth with layers of goodness-Master Kush, XXX Og bubble hash, Blue Dream kief, then dipped in Bliss Og hash oil. Finally, it was wrapped in a thin clear plastic coating and tipped with a grape flavored filter. My roommate claimed we were smoking Jesus.

Creativity flared as well as awareness of the effects smoking have on our thoughts, that things can change very quickly as our perception of the world alters. For me this holds true, as cannabis stirs the creative and imagination of what could be.

It heightens the senses and for me the possibilities of perception flow. So, at times, it can lead to a seemingly paranoid state, yet I believe its not cannabis doing this, but it’s showing me, making me aware that it was already there. For example, caring about how we are perceived and how we are around other people can heighten this sense of “omg, what do they think, or is the situation like this, are they getting me at my level…”

And at the same time, cannabis is what helps me relate to others on another level. I become more relaxed, more me at times, more chill, more creative, more vocal, more at peace.

The Death Rocket, a perfect play on words, as you become alive on another plane of existence.

Cannabis Intertwined with Yoga

The first time I really resonated with Yoga was when I was high, which enabled me to reach a deep meditative state. Every breath had purpose that I could feel in my body. My face was relaxed and I was able to sink into a rhythmic dance. Yoga can be seen in a way as a controlled dance that reinforces postural alignment and brings awareness to every muscle in your body, even the ones deep down in the most unpredictable areas.

I wasn’t struggling as much as I used to. My bones were firmly rooted to the ground, and my focus unwavering. It was the most therapeutic and healing exercise experience I ever had. That is what I love about yoga: It’s an incredible workout that is spiritually, mentally, and physically cathartic and healing in nature if in the meditative state.

I believe smoking cannabis prior to yoga enhances the experience as the body relaxing effect helps alleviate anxiety which allows for deeper breath. With a full breath, we are able to breath deeply into every area of our body, allowing energy to move throughout all the way to the fingertips and toes.

It’s been routine for me to smoke cannabis before Yoga. I typically go with a Sativa Hybrid as I want to be relaxed but still alert and functional. My practice has definitely evolved; I’ve been practicing for a few years on and off. I don’t believe I understood the spiritual element of Yoga until recently, how it makes you connected to mother earth and holistic healing. I love how it intertwines, cannabis is used for medicinal healing and so is yoga. Together, it’s a wonderful gift in my life that should be explored.

<3 Sabrina

Mystery OG Kush

It’s one of those Indica strains that not only relieves tension and anxiety, it is incredibly cerebral. It helps me put thoughts together, making complete sense of why such thoughts float around. It’s a vehicle to a deeper understanding. Perhaps that definition can be applied to all strains. I find this one to be particularly stimulating in a very beneficial way.

I believe we hold the answers to our own questions, and this strain taps into deep understanding. It makes me think of the future, my true aspirations, my past, and specific incidents, accentuating perhaps the sort of unsettled business I have with each.

This strain is like a mental cleansing, acknowledgement of these thoughts will dissipate into calmness and the present becomes the most important moment as the past is already done and the future is a concept.

I am learning to confront those shadows, and remove them. I’m ready to evolve, and this strain has helped me piece things together and make sense of my journey thus far. Change is part of the process, acceptance of the process, and knowing its healing properties, makes life amazing.

I guess I should say this strain is also very creative and inspiring, as it has compelled me. It was my top pick at the shop today, first thing I pushed out. Simply beautiful flower, sticky, somewhat dense, crystals, hypnotic aroma, etc,.. I was fortunate to try it before we put it out, and when I got to work today, half was already gone. I’m not surprised as it is truly spectacular.

It’s interesting to note that the effects of this high is indicative of its title. Reflective of prominent thoughts, yet aids in helping unlock the mystery behind those thoughts. Makes me wonder where this flower comes from.

I’m currently on a physical detox, and with this strain, somewhat of a mental detox, leading to mental clarity.

How to Open Your 7 Chakras

The Last Airbender is one of the best anime’s ever!!


Our decisions are choices based on judging situations. And unfortunately, this can create a conflict of the mind (brain) and heart (soul).

It seems to appear that the brain can easily be conditioned with the certain pictures we see. Images of day to day life, which is only enhanced by media, magazines, billboards, television, and of course by the frequency of environments we choose to inhabit. We, collectively, and singularly are creating our reality.

In specific environments or groups, there seems to invite a cohesive set of accepted and non-acceptable behavioral patterns. Good-bad, successful-non-successful, …dualities developed on illusion.

It creates separation. But we are more alike than it seems, we are all conditioned.

According to philosopher, Zhuang Zi, and his talk on the Dao, the potential of rising above personal human points would cease the belief of differentiation, making things unnameable so we can consider us human beings part of the world. In his mind, the “erudite” with this mindful progressive decision would realign with the universe.


As we go through our life journey and figure out what speaks to us at a soul level, we will shift more into alignment. Everyone’s journey is unique and one way may not be the right way for another, but also may be the right way for another.
As we figure out what is right for us, we may tend to judge our previous ways of being that used to be aligned with who we no longer are. Let that situation go as a personal experience, as again, one’s experience is not completely identifiable as one aligned truth. We are different.
Different separate physical bodies having different experiences, but as humanity, one kind of experiencing life on earth as human.
The journey leads to self-discovery if we allow it to. And with so many nameable images, it can be difficult to find ourselves amongst the expectations, pressures, and conditioned beliefs. These things are mind control. Very powerful that it can sicken and weaken the human condition.
Love penetrates through this. And love can create breakthroughs.
Though, the way we see/perceive/believe in love has also been conditioned. Also very dangerous, especially when we believe love to be confined.
We don’t use our brains to love; our hearts love. But unfortunately, the two often get confused and in the way of one another perhaps because of this highly socially conditioned world we live in. Again, illusion.
The internal conflict is a reflection of our spirit (ethereal soul) and our human side that has been abused, suppressed, and oppressed in society. When we believe the illusion, our minds are controlled.
In the same breath, this might not seem like a bad thing. In many cases, it is embraced wholeheartedly without any question. If things “practically” and “logically” work, then things may remain status quo. “Illogic” will bring “chaos” and change. But perhaps, the change is the most practical and logical thing that can happen for humanity at a soul level.
Yet if things were supposed to be ruled by one way, why do we have both heart and brain? It appears they need each other to understand each other. Furthermore, one may not exist without the other.
We are given a means of being in which we can place discernment upon what we will follow. In other words, we have free will.
50% karma, 50% free will, and luckily we have our judgment in 2 perspectives that shape our life.
~Sabrina R. Lau

As of lately, I’ve conjured a new philosophy about fitness. For a while I was really consumed by the aesthetics of working out and I’ve realized that I was aiming for something to seek outward approval or change myself in a way that is seen as desirable. I’m ready to break the mold, and approach fitness and working out from a place that feels good not necessarily looks good. I guess they go hand in hand, but I would like to encourage a way of fitness that stems from a place of active and healthy living.

For a while now, I have been planning on competing in my first bodybuilding competition. I’m not 100% sure that I will compete despite the fact that I made it a goal to last year. If I do, I will enter showing a physique that I feel good in opposed to what the judges are necessarily looking for. Moreover, I’m not sure if I necessarily agree with the bodybuilding culture as a healthy thing in terms of depleting your body of water, extremely rigid food consumption, and body image. On the flip, I think it’s great to challenge yourself and see positive physical and mental progress. For me, it’s about finding balance.

I’m getting my Yoga RYT200 this year, and I will be sharing yoga practices in addition to body weight strength training (must get my youtube channel in the works LOL).  Physical activity and fitness training are incredibly beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit. As the saying goes, the best way to stay healthy is to have regular exercise and good nutrition to reduce stress levels. Stay Tuned!


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